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F.W. Hudson Improved Apple Parer 1862
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F. W. Hudson's Improved Apple Parer


Frederick W. Hudson's (1818-1897) first patented apple parer utilizes a planetary gear system to rotate and revolve an apple past a stationary blade (Hudson, 1862). Two versions of this apple parer are known, the scarce Hudson & Leslie and the more common F. W. Hudson's Improved Apple Parer, see examples in our Turntable Gallery.

A parer that corresponds to the Hudson & Leslie appears in Russel and Erwin Manufacturing Company's 1865 illustrated catalogue (Illustrated Catalogue of American Hardware, 1865, p. 309). This is the earliest known ad for a parer representing Hudson's 1862 patent.

Hudson was employed by Lockey & Howland before initiating his own buisiness. The scarce version of his first patented apple parer is embossed Hudson & Leslie Manufacturers. No information about this company has surfaced. In 1868 Hudson established an apple parer manufacturing business under his own name, F. W. Hudson (Leominster Pocket Directory for 1880-81, p. 8). We can infer from this information that he started manufacturing F. W. Hudson's Improved Apple Parer c1868.

Hudson's rotary apple parer is one of my very favorites to use. I load the apple when the fork is in the 6 o'clock position. I support the bottom of the pinion gear that rotates the fork when placing the apple on the fork. It is also important to be careful when removing the apple from the fork.

F. W. Hudson in his letters patent suggests loading the apple when it is in the 3 o'clock position (Hudson, 1862). The 3 o'clock position is illustrated in dark ink on the original Figure 1 drawing used for the patent application, see below (National Archives). Use medium to small apples for this parer.


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F. W. Hudson Patent Application Drawing Figure 1

Figure 1 for F.W. Hudson's Improved Apple Parer patent application, National Archives at College Park, Cartographic Branch, 241-PATENTUT-37038.


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