The Virtual Apple Parer Museum.  Dedicated to the exhibition and educational study of antique apple parers which have both historic and artistic value.















The links below will help in your endeavor to explore the world of apples and apple parers in greater depth. All external sites listed in the museum will open as a new window.

We highly recommend Apple Parers and the Eggbeater Chronicles by Don Thronton. You should be able to find these books using your web browser.

International Society of Apple Parer Enthusiasts
If you want to learn more about apple parers this club is for you! This club has been an invaluable source for building my collection and knowledge.

KOOKS-Kollectors of old Kitchen Stuff

Astragal Press Publisher of books on antique tools, early trades and early technology.

Apples & More
The University of Illinois Extension has a great site on apples. Be sure to visit the apple facts page.

History and Legends of Apples
This site has some good information on the history of the apple.

The Virtual Petrified Wood Muesum
Explore this site to learn more about the history of life on Earth.

Visiting One of the Largest Apple Parer Collections

The Seed Biology Place
This site is an excellent resource for the biology of seeds.

The Kendall College Culinary Curiosity Exhibition
A virtual exhibit consisting of over 200 objects representing a history of the food processing industry displayed throughout the world-class culinary arts school at Kendall College.
Gear Technology Magazine: The Ever Evolving Apple Parer

SALVONEWS: The Virtual Apple Parer Museum of Mike Viney

US Patent Full-Page Images: USPTO

The Antiques Almanac
Your online resource to information about antiques and collectibles

The Label Man
High Quality Vintage Labels, Advertisements, and More!

Bevel Gears
A comprehensive article on bevel gears published by Industrial Quick Search.

Image of Penn Hardware's Version of Reading's 75

Penn Hardware Company's version of Reading's 75

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