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Keen Kutter Apple Parer

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Frederick B. Rising was granted letters patent for a "Frame for Fruit or Vegetable Parers on May 24, 1898. Rising listed himself as assignor to the Goodell Company of Antrim, New Hampshire. Rising's design would become one of the most successful parers offered by Goodell, second only to the White Mountain lathe parer. The parer was sold as the Turntable '98 or '98 Turntable Apple Parer. An advertisement introducing the "Turn Table '98 Apple Parer" to consumers appeared in the May 19, 1898 issue of The Iron Age ('Turn Table', 1898, p. 46).

The Turn Table '98 Apple Parer, The Iron Age, 1898, p. 46.

The '98 Turntable apple parer is common and can be found on eBay auctions on almost a daily basis, a tribute to its quality and popularity. Slightly less common are two versions of this parer that carry the Keen Kutter logo. One version has four half-moon arcs surrounding the logo on the drive gear, while a second verion has seven half-moon arcs. The frame of both are embossed E. C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER as well as PAT MAY 24, 1898. In contrast, the Turntable '98 is marked with the same patent date and TURNTABLE 98 MADE BY GOODELL CO. USA ANTRIM N.H.

Goodell made a larger version of the '98 Turntable named the Granite State. There were also versions of the parer made in Germany.


Keen Kutter Apple Parer

Keen Kutter Apple Parer

Keen Kutter 7 Moon

Keen Kutter Apple Parer Drive Gear 7 Moon

Keen Kutter 4 Moon

Keen Kutter Apple Parer Drive Gear 4 Moon

98 Goodell Drive Gear

Turntable '98 Drive Gear


'Turn Table '98 Apple Parer' The Iron Age, 1898 May 19, p. 46.

Rising, F. B., inventor; Frame for Fruit or Vegetable Parers. 1898 May 24. USD28705.

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