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Lockey & Howland Turn Table Apple Parer

Lockey & Howland Patent Turn-Table Apple Parer

Lockey and Howland purchased Keyes business c1857 and manufactured the Keyes design under their own name as the Patent Turn-Table Apple Parer (J. D. Seagrave v Keys (sic)). In the summer of 1859 Lockey and Howland started advertising their parer in the American Agriculturist (Judd, 1859, p. 255).

Turn Table Apple Parer Advertisement 1859

Lockey and Howland obtained a reissue of Keyes's December 16, 1856 patent identifying themselves as assignees on July 21, 1863 (Lockey and Howland, 1863). An advertisement in the New England Business Directory indicates they had sold over half a million machines by 1865 (New England Business Directory, 1865, p. 223). The ad introduces a new combination head patented by Howland that could swivel side to side as well as up and down (Howland, 1864).

Turn-Table Apple Parer


Landers, Frary & Clark offered the Lightning and Turn-Table Apple Parers in their 1869 catalogue. By this time, Goodell was manufacturing the Turn-Table Apple Parer.

Turn-Table Apple Parer


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