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Reading '75 Apple Parer

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The Reading '75 Apple Parer is believed to be named for the year it was introduced (Thornton, 1997). The '75 was eventually embossed with four patent dates, two by Batchelder, one by Farwell and Goddard, and one by Griscom. Griscom's inventive claim for his letters patent of February 22, 1876 inlcudes the two- piece frame design that defines the '75. Early versions do not have '75 embossed on the turntable and the lower part of the frame is embossed PATENT APPLIED FOR. Later versions have '75 embossed on the turntable and are embossed PAT'D. FEB. 22,1876 on the lower part of the frame.

The Reading Hardware Company also made a parer named the Baldwin. The Baldwin is most likey named for either the Baldwin apple or its namesake Colonel Loammi Baldwin (1744-1807) an American engineer, politician, and revolutionary war soldier. The Baldwin Apple Parer is constructed very similarly to the '75 but is made with a one-piece frame.


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Reading '75 Apple Parer

Reading '75 Apple Parer

Baldwin Apple Parer Advertisement

Baldwin Apple Parer Advertisement (Parers., p. 841)


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